New Cars: Review of the new BMW 1 Series: roads on fire

Posted by Admin at 6 May 2013, at 11 : 27 AM

New Cars: Review of the new BMW 1 Series: roads on fire

The German company BMW is very popular for its classy vehicles. These cars have found their place in the garage of many executives. People who prefer class and style prefer BMW cars. BMW series 1 have been introduced since 2004. This is the only vehicle that offers rear wheel drive and engine that is mounted longitudinally. The older model has five doors while the brand new models come with two as well as four doors. The latest model BMW series 1 cars design incorporated mild hybrid technology although you cannot call these cars as hybrid cars.


Four models of BMW 1 series vehicles have been introduced in 2008. They are 128i coupe and convertibles and 135i coupe and convertibles. The specialties of BMW 1 series include five-link rear axle, aluminum front suspension that is lighter in weight, L shaped tail lamps and frameless doors. The siblings differ in their exterior looks and designs. The 135i models come with turbo charged engines. These cars have even weight distribution among the front and rear wheels. You can expect to reach 62mh from zero in about 6 seconds while the top speed is 155 mph. 3.0L 6 cylinder engine is used in the new BMW 1 series.

In the 135i model, you can find an option between 6 speed manual and 6-speed electronic shifts. Even at low 1400 rpm, the latest BMW 1 series cars have excellent torque sufficient for accelerating the vehicle to high speeds. This feature makes the 1 series cars much more powerful that the older 3 series cars.

Many features like M-sport suspension, M-Aero, 6-caliper BMW brakes, and tires are standard in all BMW 1 series cars. The convertible models let you enjoy the summer when you are on the streets. The top can be retracted easily to use the convertible feature. The break lights respond to braking in two different stages. When heavy braking is used by the driver, the brighter light informs about that. You can easily identify 128i and 135i models when you look at the laps that are used in the front. When you see fog lamps, then the model that you are seeing is 125 because these lamps are present as a standard feature in this model.

All luxuries including FM radio, air conditioning, leather seats are available with BMW 1 series models. These facilities can be controlled using the centralized control system with a few button presses. The response to changes in steering are good and you can accelerate your car effortlessly. Electronic stability coupled with traction control prevents accidents and as always, safety is ensured in BMW 1 series cars.

Technical specifications

Body: Two/Four door convertible/coupe
Standard Engine: 3.0 liter I6 engine
Cylinders: 6
Torque: 200@2700 for 128i and 300@1400 for 135i
Horse Power: 230@6500 for 128i and 300@5800 for 135i
Fuel system and type: Gas with sequential electronic fuel injection
Fuel economy on city and highway: 18 – 28 for 128i and 17/25 for 135i
Cruising range: 308 miles for 128i and 294 miles for 135i
Turbo: Yes in 135i models
Compression: 10.7:1
EPA Class: Sub-compact luxury vehicle
Valves Configuration: Dual Overhead Cam/Twin Overhead Cam

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